GTA on Wii possible for fall 2009, might use San Andreas engine

That’s a headline full of maybe and “might” up there, but since all we’re going on is a wisp of a shadow of a rumor this evening, that’s all it’s entitled to get. Anyway, Grand Theft Auto could be headed to the Wii in fall 2009, and it would use the San Andreas engine (no word on whether or not that means Hot Coffee or what). Says (sprinkled with copious amounts of salt):

After spending a few phone calls, sent a few heads and uttered standard kind of family threats, it would seem that yes, an episode of GTA on Wii is already on track. The game could use the engine GTA San Andreas PS2, given the sauce Wii. Finally, even if at this level, it takes more than Ms. Irma that the true forecast, the game could be announced next spring for an exit at the end of 2009.

Reggie already commented on this, and with the surprise GTA: Chinatown Stories DS announcement at E3, it’s not entirely out of left field. Still, I’d have to see it to believe it.

13 Responses to GTA on Wii possible for fall 2009, might use San Andreas engine

  1. diegolt says:


  2. DmNt says:

    San Andreas Engine?? NO!!!!!!!!!!! C’mon guys, at least try to make the graphics not look like early PS2…

  3. ResidentialEvil says:

    Sounds like it will be more port than an actual new game for the Wii. Not to mention the graphics for San Andreas (well all the PS2 GTA games) were not exactly their strong suit. They weren’t even that good for the PS2.

    I appreciate getting another mature title but again it reeks of port. After playing GTA IV, I’m not going to be that excited for a 2009 GTA game on the Wii based on a 5 year old engine.

  4. samfish says:

    With all the money Rockstar made, GOD FORBID they might take some of it and make a new, more efficient engine for the Wii. Oh, no. They couldn’t do that! If they did, they might be seen as one of the few developers actually TRYING to make a good Wii game. We absoLUTELY can’t have that! The Wii deserves the shittiest games possible.

  5. Bii says:

    Assholes! 🙂

    Is this LAZY, or is it just being CHEAP!?

  6. rdaneel72 says:

    GTA, as a franchise, needs a vacation. GTAIV was released to glowing reviews, but the backlash that followed is huge. Porting a 5-year-old PS2 game to Wii just to have GTA on Wii does not excite me.

    GTA on DS does not excite me, either.

  7. Lord Toker says:

    say it isn’t so….

  8. Marconintendo says:

    Un GTA en Wii tendria bastante exito, sinceramente a mi no me gustan mucho los GTA mas que el San Andreas que es el mejor.
    Aunque en Wii el gameplay cambiaria radicalmente por lo que supongo seria mejor.

  9. castrolopus says:

    alguien podria ir a la fabrica de juegos wii y suplicar gta san andreas para wii si teneis respuestas decirmelas

  10. younes says:

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  11. younes says:

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  12. Big Business says:

    I think its safe to say this won’t be happening on wii … BULLSHIT ROCKSTAR

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