George Harrison: Mii’s to become third-party pet project

Staff On October 12, 2006 12.10.2006 with 12 Comments

Reuters has posted an article which begins by mentioning the online strategies of the three next-gen (buzzword) players, and then basically the rest is a feature about Nintendo.

“While the designers behind the Playstation 3 are expected to follow a model similar to Xbox Live with a robust online component offering games, music and movies, Nintendo is taking a different approach with its console, which hits stores on November 19″

And then from there it’s Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo — mostly Mii commentary (‘Mii’ even made it into Reuters’ headline).

To top off this Mii sundae there’s this from George Harrison: “He expects third-party video game publishers to make Mii creation tools available and expects more Mii-compatible titles by the middle of next year. ‘It’s true potential isn’t even known yet,’ Harrison said.”

The Mii’s became a bit more robust today, anyone else have some wild ideas what they might be used for in the future?

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  1. Blake says:

    Yeah, Mii’s seem to be one of Wii’s small X-factors. I just hope they don’t end of like the gba-gc linkup cables…

    Off topic: Umpa-lumpas still remind me of the Lolly Pop Guild.

  2. Rezlow says:

    Honestly? I don’t care. If they sub Link for one of those Mii’s, they can stick customizability up their… (HEY, get your hands off me! I’m not finished ranting yet…)

    Seriously though, they could stop putting out Mario-esqu games (tennis and such… well, maybe not soccer) and send out Mii-whatever games. Could be cool I suppose. Seems gimicky though.

  3. Kimiko the Furball says:

    You know, the Mii characters could be loaded in a game and get new textures/models to look more advanced and “hip”… although they look pretty “simple” in the Mii Channel doesn’t mean they can’t get remade using the parameters given during creating.

    Btw, I’ll be making Miis when I get my paws on the Wii.

  4. Kimiko the Furball says:

    Can’t wait to see if Animal Crossing Wii will be implementing Mii or not. I’m sure they will. Actually, can’t wait to play AC:Wii.

  5. Bildo says:

    Isn’t EA making a Wii specific version of the Sims? Hmmm… perhaps the Miis will be the stars? I’d like that better than the pseudo-realistic avatars in the regular Sims honestly.

  6. David says:

    Or, bildo, they’ll map your Mii’s characteristics onto the Sims models.

    Think of the Mii creation like a template and each game can use the template to match its art style. While your Mii looks cute in WiiSports, he might look scary as a zombie in something like Dead Rising for Wii.

  7. Kimiko the Furball says:


    I refuse to believe that developers haven’t thought of doing this.

  8. FAMICOM83 says:

    Ok the Umpa-lumpas are totally uncalled for. Besides they still scare me, if I saw one out of nowhere I would kick it from sheer reaction.

    Wii to become what?….First place console.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Mark my words, Miis will be custom characters in SSBB!!

  10. WuTangTurtle says:

    I like the parameters idea. Say you choose head #1 and eyes #8 etc, a game like Advance Wars could make their own stylized version of head #1 and eyes #8 and make your Mii that way.

    All a developer needs to do is make a version of each piece and have the right coding to create it with.

  11. James says:

    I was thinking the same… I’m not incredibly hyped about the Mii art style out of the box, it just seems quite limiting.

    However if Devs can create their own art that ties to the Mii “templates” that will be worth the hype.

    So your cute and cuddly Mii in Wii Sports becomes a mean bad-ass in Doom, still recognizable as “you” but to blend in perfectly with the game. Now THATS cool!

  12. InvisibleMan says:

    Err… Clone your Mii to play “PikMiin”?

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