Free Zelda themed DLC coming tomorrow for Sonic Lost World

Similar to the Yoshi’s Island-inspired free DLC that Sonic Lost World received at the end of last year, new DLC will be released tomorrow, March 27, this time in the spirit of The Legend of Zelda. This time around, Sonic will actually be dressed in the iconic green tunic, green hat, and boots that have become so recognizable as Link’s usual garb, along with speeding through a Hyrule-esque world. Though Sonic Lost World was received with underwhelming critical success, it’s neat to see the blue blur and Nintendo continuing to get along so well, especially in such a big way. With Yoshi and Zelda levels in Lost World, I wonder if this is a trend that will continue and, if so, I might just consider getting the game.


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  1. The Adza says:

    It certainly isn’t a bad game. Some of the level designs in some stages can be a bit irritating, but on the whole I find it a great game. I put it above Sonic Colours but below Sonic Generations as a Sonic game. I’m hoping the LoZ stage last a bit longer than the Kirby one. Still, it’s free, so I can’t complain too much.

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