Final Nintendo Power Cover Revealed

Final Nintendo Power Cover

Future Publishing has just revealed the final cover of Nintendo Power, which borrows itself from the first issue of the magazine when it launched in 1988. For anyone who who grew up reading Nintendo Power, the final cover is sure to fill one with nostalgia or shed a tear drop or two. The issue is slated to hit newsstands in early December. And for those wondering who willingly re-created the nod to the first issue of Nintendo Power, it was done by Leslie Levings. So, head on over to her Tumblr blog and send her a digital fist-bump for the job well done.

Until then, we salute you one last time, Nintendo Power. Thank you for the memories, the helpful tips, and the wonderful posters. We’ll never forget what what you did for gamers and aspiring game journalists during your heyday. Thank you.


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  1. wakko1337 says:

    It’s so fitting how they completed the circle with Nintendo Power. From Super Mario 2 to New Super Mario 2, it really feels like a closing of a series. I’ve got about 20 Nintendo Power magazines I got from a garage sale, all from before the N64 era. This even hits me right in the feels, and I didn’t ever have a subscription.

    Farewell, NP.

  2. MrD says:

    The final cover looks fantastic, and what a great nod to the very first issue of NP, which I have fond memories of. I’ve fallen out of gaming over the years, and as such, haven’t had an issue if NP for quite sometime, but I’ll be picking this one up. While it is sad knowing a piece of my gaming past is going away, it looks like it is doing so in a proper manner.

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