Dragon Quest IX Tag Mode Event

Looking to connect with players and experience wondrous new maps and items? Then head over to one of the Dragon Quest IX tag mode events schedules all over the place in the next few days.

Remember tag mode allows you to expand your quests and unlock special areas that aren’t normally accessible through normal play. So if you’re looking to cash in quick and easy, be sure to click the picture to find out where the events will be hosted.

Hopefully, David and myself will see you there!

One Response to Dragon Quest IX Tag Mode Event

  1. llaffer says:

    I was hoping that there would be planned events for this. It’s not like in Japan where you can just hit a passer-by in the subway to find someone. I don’t even know of anyone else personally in my area that owns the game.

    At least I’ll be able to get one map from GameStop, and maybe some other hits from any others that happen to be in the store.

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