Could A New F-Zero Be In The Works?


Twitterer @rayquaza3010 sent a simple tweet to @shinegames, probably not expecting a response, stating that he would like them to develop F-Zero for Wii U.  However, Shine Games did respond with, “something in the works”.  Could this mean that a new F-Zero is in the works, or were they just hinting that they do have a project in the works?  A later tweet stated, “We will reveal a new Wii U game later this year, well even too games ;)”  ( I am assuming that should be “two”).

Now, this could just be a case of a misinterpreted tweet, but would you be excited about a new F-Zero?



Also, I would like to wish the love of my life,  my Wife,  a very happy birthday!


4 Responses to Could A New F-Zero Be In The Works?

  1. Arch_Enemy says:

    old…. as hell.

  2. Essel Pratt says:

    You are correct, the original tweet is 8 days old, and the response is 7 days old. However, rather than reporting immediately and having them deny an F-Zero game a day later, I decided to wait before posting. There are still conversations on their twitter continuing today (@shinengames) building excitement for two new game releases, and an F-Zero title has not been denied. During the last few days, they quickly denied a release of Nano Assault EX on the Australian eShop. Since they have not denied an F-Zero after one week, and continue to build excitement about 2 new future releases, I thought it was a good time to post. Although it could still be filed under the “misread” info category, it is interesting nonetheless.

  3. Arm73 says:

    Well, their FAST Wiiware racing game was really good, probably the best racing game on Wii.
    It also reminded me of Fzero, sure.
    But a new fzero should be something huge, I can see SEGA, or RETRO putting their energy and budget behind such a big franchise, but not a small studio like shinen, even though their track record is really good.
    Especially since their are working on two games, I don’t see how could they develop something as massive as Fzero and still have some spare man power to dedicate to another game.
    So I’d say is definitely a no.

  4. Lord Lemmy says:


    I WOULD agree IF the statement “we have something in the works” wasn’t literally in response to someone saying they wanted an F-Zero game for Wii U.

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