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Mining For A Crafty Review

Minecraft Switch Edition By Steve Peacock Wow! For the better part of two weeks I’ve been saying I was going to get this review written. The funny thing about game reviews is how when the game is good, it is

The Curious Case of Yooka Laylee’s Switch Release

“A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.” This is a quote from Mr. Miyamoto, and the point is pretty clear: Slow and steady wins the race. But if Duke Nukem Forever taught us anything,

Infendo Radio 402: Paws off to you kids

Who needs another Nintendo Podcast anyway? Introducing: Infendo Tabby Time, where we all talk about our pets and forget we run a Nintendo themed podcast. Come join in! This week we talk all about the SNES classic, dive deep into

A Horde of Rumours: How Pokemon Go has brought back gaming gossip

It’s no surprise that Pokemon Go has been responsible for a lot of trends over the past year; People are actually leaving their houses, for one thing. Pokemon has become more of a universal trend, as we now see grandmas

Nintendo Launches Switch Online App: Is Nintendo Ahead or Still Playing Catch-up?

Nintendo’s always been a brand that’s cultivated strong devotion in its fans. After the underwhelming commercial success of the Wii U, the gaming giant looks like it’s turned the tide with the Switch, with nearly five million consoles already sold

Infendo Radio 401 – Infendo Gamer Law

Well, we’re one week removed from our epic episode 400, but we still have work to do! This list isn’t going to order itself after all! Join us as we break down our definitive list of Top 25 Games of