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Does the Nintendo Switch have a secret internet browser?

We all know how the Nintendo Switch has become one of the gaming success stories of the year. With 4.7 million units sold in just four months, it’s clear that the Japanese gaming brand have once again defied the doubters

Never Leg Day: ARMS Tips & Tricks (Part 2)

You thought we were done knocking you out with great ARMS tips, champ? Well think again. Today we’re gonna go over some more specific tips to get your ARMS game to the next level. Real champs never stop training right?

Infendo Radio 404 – Nintentunes 002

Welcome to another episode of Infendo Radio! This week we throw the shownotes in the trash as we decide to do an entire episode of the fan favorite Nintentunes! Join us as we play the fun video game music themed

6 Reasons That Prove Consoles Are Better Than PC

We all have those two friends that are constantly arguing over what’s the best gaming system – a PC or a console. You just can’t escape this never-ending dispute that seems to have its origins in ancient times. Of course,

Infendo Radio 403 – Poppa’s got a Brand New Podcast

Infendo Radio is back! This time with a normal episode…no more lists this week, promise. This week we talk all about the new ARMS update, the Nintendo World Championship, and even play a round of the fan favorite Nintentunes! Infendo

Mining For A Crafty Review

Minecraft Switch Edition By Steve Peacock Wow! For the better part of two weeks I’ve been saying I was going to get this review written. The funny thing about game reviews is how when the game is good, it is