Better than the real thing

Just some awesome Samus fan art to start the morning off right. I’ve heard this particular picture might be a bit “old” by Internet standards, but I really don’t care. Samus, and the Metroid series for that matter, are ageless. [via Kotaku]

4 Responses to Better than the real thing

  1. Kale says:

    Curious….. but how does all that hair fit under that form-fitting helmet?

  2. Jack says:

    @Kale: I was thinking the exact same thing! But then I suspended my disbelief and all was right again.

  3. Artefacto says:

    Beautiful work! Very ‘Evangelion’ with the suit design.

  4. Fairlady Z says:

    We’re talking about Samus here. How does she fit her entire BODY into a tiny morph ball that makes her magically smaller? Her hair is the least of her worries. She probably puts it in a morph bun. :]

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