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You Cannot Grasp The True Form Of…

This Mousepad?

Toribash, the True Tactical Fighting Game?

I remember playing Toribash when it first was released as a freeware indie PC game. Where you could play on tiny servers with a bunch of other people waiting to fight the winner of a match. You could do some

Ever Damage Your DS Touch Screen?

There are a lot games released on the Nintendo DS that heavily use the touch screen as the only means of control. Most likely a majority of you have atleast played on of these games. So I have a question

Let’s Play Confusing Game Summaries!

This is a game where you play a specially engineered super-soldier. Where you must stop a rebellion staged by old members of his unit, who are all named after animals and possess different weapons. His fight will take him to

Have you played Animal Crossing lately?

Etrian Odyssey III: The Combat System

If you are familiar with dungeon crawling games and the various dangerous F.O.E.’s waiting to get you, and by F.O.E.’s I mean all manner of creatures, creepy crawlies, and monsters await you on and beneath and above the water off