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I Can’t Stop Thinking About New Legend of Zelda

We know that a brand-new Zelda game is coming to the 3DS. I hope it is New Legend of Zelda. Some time ago, a Swapnote message was sent to 3DS owners from Aonuma thanking them for playing Ocarina of Time.

Why the Original NES Ice Hockey Needs a WiiWare Update

Maybe it’s because I’m turning into an old man, or maybe it’s because I’m Canadian, but one of my favorite sports games is still the original NES Ice Hockey. Like so many of Nintendo’s other games, Ice Hockey relies on

Nintendo will need better casual games to continue their console war

As most of you have no doubt read, Nintendo President Satoru Iawta is concerned that the Wii is in an unhealthy state, and that it is urgent for Nintendo to recover sales momentum. This statement, coupled with recent numbers confirming

Behold, the Nintendo hardcore gamers want to see!

There’s been a great deal of complaining about Nintendo, at least among hardcore gamers on the internet. Since I want the company to do well (by “well” I mean be popular among said gamers), I’ve compiled all their criticism into