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PSA: Classic SNES Controllers Now Available for Wii

Old School gamers will be happy to learn that a classic SNES controller for the Wii is now available at ThinkGeek. As someone who has lamented that Club Nintendo Japan appeared to be the only way to pick one of

Raccoon Mario Returns! New Super Mario Bros. 2 Coming to 3DS.

Classic 2D Mario gameplay is coming to the 3DS this summer, and it looks like the Raccoon Suit is making a return. Earlier tonight, Nintendo announced, via Nintendo Direct and later through Twitter, that New Super Mario Bros. 2 will

Could Wii U Launch with Super Mario Bros. 4?

Nintendo has now confirmed that it is working on a 2D Super Mario Bros. game for the Wii U based around the “Mario Experience” demo presented at E3 last year. At the same time, speculation is running wild that this

Can Wii U’s Hardware Live Up to Nintendo’s Third Party Aspirations?

Reports have been coming in for awhile now about the Wii U development kits, and it seems that most developers feel that the console will have around the same power as the 360 and PS3. Some say it is a

The Case for an Achievement System on Nintendo Consoles

I admit it. I’m an achievement junkie. Well, to be clear, I’m a trophy junkie, since I own a PS3, but “achievements” is the more common term. It’s fun to see what I have accomplished in the games I’ve played

Ambassadors: Are You Still Enjoying Your Free Games?

It’s been a number of months since the last Ambassador games arrived on the 3DS for us early adopters. I have to admit, I haven’t spent too much time with many of these games so far. However, I’ve really started