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5 Bandai Namco games that should be on Switch

With the rumors that Bandai Namco will be announcing 5 games for Switch on December 15th I thought it would be a good time to find 5 games or series that would be a good fit for Switch.  Some of

Nintendo Black Friday video game deals

Black Friday is almost here and there should be some very good deals are just around the corner.  Some of the high lights are Dragon Ball xenoverse, Sonic Forces and Bomberman seeing some big discounts. Mario + Rabbids is also

NBA 2K18 Review

A good,but not great entry into the series. The NBA 2k series hasn’t made it one to a Nintendo system since NBA 2K13 so as a fan of the series I was extremely excited to play it again on not

Three publishers going all out to support the switch and three that aren’t

We are about 7 months into the life of the Switch at this point, and I’m happy to say that the Switch is a major success for Nintendo and that in large part is due to certain publishers going all

Top 10 budget titles available on Switch eshop right now

The Nintendo Switch eshop is being flooded with games right with 6 or 7 games seemingly appearing on the eshop each week. This trend seems like it’s going to continue for quite a while and with so many games it