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Wii U System Update

So with all of the attention that surrounded the Nintendo Direct on Tuesday, a system update for the Wii U stealthily downloaded to many consoles on Monday to surprise many gamers.  I should add, it will only update automatically (or

Wii U Price Cut Announced

This is the moment that seemingly everyone has been clamoring for since right after the Wii U was launched – a price cut has been announced for the Wii U.  Kotaku revealed this information today when they released details from

Meet the Newest Nintendo Handheld – The 2DS

Kotaku published a story earlier today based on an interview with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime.  They interviewed him earlier in the week, and he gave them a glimpse into the next iteration of Nintendo’s handheld units:  The Nintendo

Nintendo Issues New Super Luigi U Challenge

Masataka Takemoto, the game director for New Super Luigi U, recently announced a contest on the Miiverse for owners of this game.  Upon completing the game, the player is granted access to the secret island that stores various stats from

Nintendo Adds Wii U eShop Offer

For anyone that receives email updates from Nintendo, this is likely something you have already seen.  For those that missed it or do not receive email updates, Nintendo is running a short promotion on the eShop.  An important note: this

Nintendo Creating a Free to Play Title

Today at E3, Nintendo stated to their investors that they currently have a free-to-play game that is in development.  They stated that the game would release by the end of the fiscal year, meaning we should see it by the