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Infendo Radio Episode 313: Pear Shaped

Welcome all to a late pre-e3 episode of Infendo Radio, Harrison Milfeld, Holly Fellmeth and myself (Lewis Pugh) speak from the past without knowing the wonderful announcements soon to be made. We start off with What We’ve been Playing, focusing almost

Infendo Radio Episode 312: E3 Predictions 2014

Welcome all to our annual E3 predictions show! Harrison Milfeld, Holly Fellmeth, Colin Crompton and myself (Lewis Pugh) all put on our thinking hats to guess what Nintendo may have in store for us. We start off the show with

Infendo Radio Episode 311: Nintendo Sports Mix

Welcome all to episode 311 of Infendo Radio with Harrison Milfeld, Holly Fellmeth and myself Lewis Pugh. On this weeks show we start with What we’ve been playing (covering Scram Kitty and his buddy on rails, NES Remix 2 and more) then move

Infendo Radio Episode 310: Mario Kart Memories

  Welcome all to episode 310 of Infendo Radio, with Holly Fellmeth and Harrison Milfeld. On this weeks show we start with What we’ve been playing then move onto the Nintendo News covering Ruby and Sapphire remakes, NFC and the lack of same-sex marriage in Tomodachi

Kickstarter Alert: Red Goddess (Wii U)

The indie momentum for Wii U is showing no signs of slowing down. Red Goddess a side scrolling action adventure game by Yanim Studio, targeting Wii U with its initial goal. This is the second Kickstarter campaign to fund Red Goddess and

Infendo Radio Episode 309: Direct to you!

Welcome all to episode 309 of Infendo Radio, hosted solo by Holly Fellmeth. On this weeks show Holly starts with What she’s been playing the Nintendo News covering Nintendo’s e3 plans and finally a feature around the best Nintendo Direct moments. Enjoy the show!