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The Conduit – Retro Review

One of the Wii’s biggest weaknesses was a lack of good third party games. Another was a lack of games geared towards teens and adults. Midway through the console’s life, a few publishers tried to fix these issuess by releasing

Justin’s List of the Best Nintendo Games

A Nigh Impossible Task When I found out we would each be doing our own separate Top 10 Nintendo lists, I first thought “This will be a cinch. I can easily think of 10 best ever Nintendo games.” Then Steve

Review: NES30 Pro and FC30 Pro Controllers by 8Bitdo

Nintendo Switch Review By Steve Peacock Thinking back to when I preordered my Switch, I remember thinking how cool it was that the Switch was ready for two people to play right out of the box. We don’t generally have

The New Nintendo 2DS XL: All the Tech, Zero Depth

On April 27th, Nintendo unveiled the latest product in the “3DS Family”, the New Nintendo 2DS XL, a cheaper, slimmer version of 2015’s New Nintendo 3DS XL without the 3D display. In October 2013, Nintendo released the original 2DS exclusively

10 Classic Nintendo Games That Haven’t Been Remade, but Should Be

I know what you’re thinking. Doesn’t Nintendo already remake everything? Well, yes, Nintendo is notorious for releasing, re-releasing, and re-re-releasing many of their more popular titles. Take Metroid for example. Excluding its original release on the Famicom Disk System and Nintendo Entertainment System, Metroid has been

The Legend of Zelda: Convolution of Time

The latest reveal of Breath of the Wild has raised a question that arises every time a new Zelda game has been announced or released for the past decade or so: When does it take place? For a while, there seemed