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Pokemon Center Release Incites Rare Download

If you’ve ever felt a lack of easy-to-obtain Pokemon merchandise in the U.S., you’ll be happy to hear that Nintendo’s Pokemon Center website has been launched in full as of today. The site brings you the very best, like no one

New Paper Mario Stage Flips the Script on Standard Stage Design

Another new stage has been unveiled for Smash Bros, this time representing a series not yet visited in the franchise. The Paper Mario stage highlights some of the major mechanics of the series, as it is made of paper and

Super Smash Bros. Main Menu Screen Revealed!

  Here’s another sneak peek at Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS: the Main Menu Screen! Looks like there will be several features (most of which have already been revealed so far) to satisfy your Smash needs. One notable feature

How to get The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD for free!

  If you’re a Wii U owner and a fan of free stuff, you’ll be ecstatic to hear that Nintendo is giving away a download of one of four Wii U games– absolutely free!     The offer is part of

Hello, InFRIENDos!

Nice to meet you! I’m Joseph, and I’ll be sharing all of my favorites in gaming news here on Infendo. I’m a creative writer who loves all things Nintendo (especially Pokemon), and I occasionally make bad puns (though I’ll keep