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Paper Mario

The latest Iwata Asks is a wealth of cool Nintendo info. In addition to yesterday’s revelation that the 3DS would benefit from a Super Mario Bros. title “ASAP,” we also were given access to some of the very first design

Miyamoto’s 3DS Super Mario Bros. title will be out “ASAP”

Has infamously pro-3D Shigeru Miyamoto (as in Mario 64, not silly glasses) finally come around on the resurgent 2D platformer? Perhaps he has, if recent Iwata Asks interview answers are any indication. “In the interests of adopting new technology for

The Nintendo 3DS: You oughta be in pictures

I haven’t played any of the games yet, nor have I seen the stereoscopic 3D screen in action, but to me the “killer app” that will get this device into a lot of hands—young and old—is a 3D screen (sans

Rumor: Metroid Title Headed to 3DS

So I hear a 3D Metroid title could very well be coming to the Nintendo 3DS. This is great news! So long as it’s nothing like Other M. Confirmation will probably come at the big North America/UK 3DS event scheduled

It’s a Donkey Kong Kind of Christmas

Nothing says happy holidays quite like a barrel to the head.


Before I devour this turkey and everything else at my folks place today, I wanted to chime in briefly and say I’m thankful for one additional thing beyond all that I’m lucky enough to be able to enjoy today: You,