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Infendo Radio 402: Paws off to you kids

Who needs another Nintendo Podcast anyway? Introducing: Infendo Tabby Time, where we all talk about our pets and forget we run a Nintendo themed podcast. Come join in! This week we talk all about the SNES classic, dive deep into

Infendo Radio 401 – Infendo Gamer Law

Well, we’re one week removed from our epic episode 400, but we still have work to do! This list isn’t going to order itself after all! Join us as we break down our definitive list of Top 25 Games of

My Games Are Better Than Yours: Eugene’s Top 10 List of Games That Don’t Suck

Coming up with a list of ‘Best’ or ‘Top’ anything can be tricky. Just listen to Episode 400. For one, there isn’t a person on the planet who has played EVERYTHING, including the Infendo crew. While I might think a

Indie Indeed: what makes an independent game team?

Lukas Termini Independent game design is something that we discuss a lot on Infendo Radio, and as a subject it’s been particularly thought provoking for me. This is because I’ve spent the last 12 years of my life with the

Infendo Radio 400 – Someone Queue Jesse Frederick, We Have a Full House!

Let’s not pull any punches here. EPISODE 400 WAS A BLAST! Thank you to ALL of the former Infendo staff who took the time out to join us for our milestone episode. This week we decided to do things a

Infendo Radio 399 – Death by Drollery

With one week to go before the HUGE episode 400 extravaganza, the Infendo crew decide to test out a video feed for the LIVE show….terrible mistake. Join in for the debauchery ! Infendo Radio records every Wednesday night at 8:30