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Celebrate 23 years of Super Mario Bros. 3 with The Wizard

Over at The League of Dead Films, today’s movie of the day is the 1989 classic, The Wizard. This film is near and dear to Infendo, so celebrate today’s anniversary of the 1988 release of Super Mario Bros. 3 with

Based on research: Nintendo indie game fans are kind of screwed

I think this research done by Ron Carmel, co-creator of World of Goo, shows that Wii/DS/3DS/Wii-U owners are kind of screwed when it comes to future indie developer games on Nintendo platforms, especially if you look at this graph. Sure, his post

Dragon Quest X revealed as an online RPG – what do you think?

Looks like Dragon Quest X is going to be an online RPG, possibly needing a monthly fee. We had a lot of fans of the DS masterpiece Dragon Quest IX around here when that came out, but now I’m curious

PAX Prime attendees get first crack at some new Nintendo games

Heading to PAX Prime? Then you’ll be among the first to play games like Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, and many more. I went to PAX East this spring and really enjoyed getting a chance to play the

Worst Nintendo box art ever?

I haven’t hopped on the Nintendo hate wagon that’s been going on around here yet, so here’s my entry: worst Nintendo box art ever. Come on Nintendo! You’d think that a cutey line Kirby deserves to have his happy mug

Public Service Announcement – 3DS Ambassador program

Don’t forget! Today’s your last chance to buy a 3DS at full price, register for the Ambassador program on the eShop before 11:59pm Eastern time tonight, and then take your receipt to the store for a price adjustment tomorrow!