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Cloudy with a chance of girlfriend

Intrigued by a recent BoingBoing post about Konami’s new and apparently addictive DS  dating sim “Love Plus” I stumbled upon a free downloadable weather widget featuring three of the game’s main girlfriend characters. The widget lets you choose a “girlfriend”

Square Enix brings back Lufia, unveils artwork

This week’s issue of Famitsu is reporting that a long awaited sequel to the Lufia series (called Estpolis in Japan) is currently under production. While the game, titled “Estpolis: The Lands cured by the Gods,” will be developed by Square

Weekly Sweet Power Up

After a bit of a break the Weekly Sweet Power Up is back with Kim’s Cakes delicious tribute to Earthbound’s hero. Sent in by our very own Will Thompson. PK Fondant!

The Excavation of Mushroom Island

Mario fans have pondered for years about the inspiration behind Miyamoto’s mixed up landscape of prehistoric animals, mushroom people, and trans-dimensional plumbing. Many have speculated about graphical limitations and or hallucination induced adventures as possible reasons for the universes existence,

Link Puts High-School Book-Bag Into Perspective

The Autumn Society of Philadelphia art collective is hosting an 8-Bit and Video Game themed art show beginning August 7th, and artist Kim Herbst gives us a sneak peek of her entry: a lethargic Link completely baffled by how he

Mario Bros. Fan-Art Roundup

It would stand to reason that one of the world’s oldest, most popular video-game franchises would garner more than it’s fair share of fan-art. After all it is Mario and Luigi’s intentionally simplistic features that leave them more open to