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Pokemon Generation VI Wishlist

Pokemon was a big part of my childhood. I grow nostalgic as I look back on fond memories of getting Pokemon: Blue Version for Christmas, watching the anime in the mornings before school, and scouring booster packs for the elusive

Whats Next for Nintendo ?

The Nintendo Wii was a huge surprise hit, catapulting the company back into the console game but many are questioning what exactly is next for Nintendo, with console and game sales stagnating. Recent sales for all consoles and game titles

New Super Nintendo Game in Developement.

  You may think this is a post from 1995.  This is 2012 and yes there is group of die hard programmers who are developing a new game for a system that was discontinued before Y2K. The company is Super

Nintendo negotiating Wii U video content streaming services

As of last summer more people streamed Netflix using a Wii than any other medium. Nintendo is now attempting to negotiate deals with other content providers to expand its streaming options on the upcoming Wii U. Nintendo is working on

Airing of Grievances: Nintendo Version

We all love Nintendo, but we all have things about Nintendo that have either driven us crazy in the past or are driving us crazy now. So lets hear it from the intelligent Infendo community. If you were running the

Nintendo 3DS Favored by Developers over Vita

In an unexpected twist there is a growing trend by developers to invest more efforts into the 3DS and ditch Sony’s new handheld system. This would buck the tradition of game developers moving to the newest big thing and focusing