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Which Nintendo character has the best Bingo strategy?

Have we ever seen Mario and company play bingo before? (Upon further research, yes – Mario Party 10 had Bowser’s Bogus Bingo, further proving that Bowser is a cheating bastard) Cheap minigames aside, the crazy character crew of the Mario

The Most Amazing Nintendo Games That Will Blow Your Mind Away

More and more, people turn to video games as a source of entertainment, and Nintendo products have undoubtedly ranked at the top. This Japanese company raised the benchmark since the time of it’s inception through it’s breathtaking variety of video

Is Nintendo’s Future in eSports?

  In recent years Nintendo has warmed up to eSports with the Super Smash Bros and Splatoon series. This is nothing all that new for Nintendo as in the early 1990s they actually offered their own competitive gaming events. The

Could Injustice 2 Be Fighting Its Way onto the Switch?

Credit: Injustice via Facebook. NetherRealms’ highly anticipated DC superhero fighting game Injustice 2 is now only a month away from release on Xbox One and PS4. With no official announcement being made during development, it would appear unlikely that publisher

Virtual reality could be Nintendo Switch’s secret weapon

Even though the Nintendo Switch is a gaming console, it doesn’t have a lot in common with high-tech VR systems like the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift, and the Gear VR. These companies are still far from experiencing a mainstream

What is Mario’s REAL Obsession with Coins and Casinos?

While waiting for school to start today, I sat half-awake and had a thought come to me. Mario collects more coins in a single level than I get in a month’s salary. What does he need them for; he lives