Anyone else cave in and buy a case?

I repeatedly said I would never, ever, spend more cash to buy a case for the 3DS. But it’s so shiny…and I’m carrying it to work every day…and I really don’t want to scratch the outer lenses…

I ended up buying this Expedition Case by Power A for fifteen bucks. It’s not perfect, but it’ll do. It includes cartridge pockets (6) and stylus holders (2). My only complaint involves the 3DS compartment’s loose fit–about a quarter inch of space lengthwise and width-wise for jostling around. I stuffed it with foam packing wrap from the original 3DS box. It’s not the perfect solution, but it does offer a bit of protection while still fitting a large jacket pocket.

My semi-retired fat blue DS isn’t happy about its “spoiled brat” successor, and I’m not surprised (When it first saw the newcomer’s 3D screen, it shouted “Witchcraft!” and hurled a stylus as a “howdy” gift).

If any of you have bought a 3DS case, please chime in with a description and the pros/cons of your purchase!


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  1. Holly says:

    I bought the plain-looking hard case from Hori. Holds 3 games and one stylus. It also has a little pocket that’s perfect for holding AR cards. Funnily enough, this case is also a little roomy for the system itself. Do any of these cases fit the 3DS snugly!?

  2. gamecollector44 says:

    I don’t think I will be buying a case. My old Gameboy Color case fits my DSi (and my Gameboy Color :3) without much effort. So I’d imagine my 3DS wouldn’t be much of a stretch.

  3. Gregm says:

    I use my old ds case. Fits the 3ds perfect with no air space. I just couldn’t see buying a new one. plus this one has Mario and Luigi on the front.

  4. Batmyke says:

    I am currently using a slipcover style case that I bought years ago for my ds lite. It fits perfectly, though it doesn’t hold any games, accessories, etc.

    I plan later to purchase another case made by PDP (is that a company name?), which carries up to 27 game cards, accessories AND keeps the 3DS in a bonus removable ‘travel pouch’. It comes in blue or black.

  5. Mark says:

    The Club Nintendo pouches work like a dream except for perhaps impact resistance.

  6. Zombiefilmfan says:

    Id love to see them restock the Nintendo Pouches, then I would get one of those. For now its naked

  7. Mohan says:

    I’m using my spare DS Lite case for the 3DS, since I sold my DS Lite for a DSi.

  8. KEITH says:

    My 3DS purchase from Future Shop came with a carry case & 3 extra stylus’ with the pre-order… its has two straps to hold the system room …a pouch for AR cards & some games…

  9. Hitokiri_Ace says:

    My one complaint about the 3ds is that the clamshell design doesn’t seal out dust when closed…. The DS Lite sealed up… Sad the 3ds doesn’t… Anywho, I have my 3ds in a pink poly anti-static bad to keep out dust and such. Dust annoys me.

  10. Hitokiri_Ace says:

    *bag… not bad.. lol nice one me.

  11. gdg2004 says:

    Redeemed my Gamestop points for a coupon for the zipper pouch one. Its actually not too bad, pretty roomy.

  12. garyaga says:

    I used clear tape to cover it lol.

  13. InfiniteIris says:

    My old DSi case holds my 3DS! It’s Mario’s Overalls =D It also fits super snugly! =)

  14. chasedurer says:

    I bought a skin from — great deal and good protection.

  15. Nickerous says:

    Using my old Gameboy advance case. The non-sp version. This thing has held the GBA, psp, ds light, dsi, and now the 3ds.

  16. Eugene says:

    Using an old red DS case from my original DS phat.

  17. Hrothgarfunkel says:

    waiting for the Club Nintendo Pouches to come back in stock.

  18. L0cky says:

    bought the hori hard case , only one that doesn’t look terrible and is made very well.

    most shops only sell low budget casings

  19. Mike says:

    I got the Executive Case, keeping it classy.

    3DS fits in snugly, though there is a little bit of exposure. It looks nice, seems like it will prevent most scratching/dents, and holds 2 games. Easy velcro access. Recommended.

  20. BlueRocks says:

    None. Don’t buy cases. I want mine to show its age. Nothing wrong with looking older.

    *cough, cough, weeze*

  21. Magnus says:

    I normally never buy cases but my ds lite took a lot of damage over here. To much dust and the triggers do not work any more(Note I have taken it apart and used rubbing alcohol on a q-tip) It work but after a few times the screws got kind of stripped.

    I bought the Hori Case. I like the case a lot for the small size but a few extra game spaces would have been nice. I also place the AR cards in the back pouch.

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