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689 – Exploring the Pokemon Go Plus + and Game Updates

Join us in episode 689 of Infendo Radio as we explore the newly released Pokemon Go Plus + device and provide our insights on the latest game updates. Dive into our gaming experiences and discussions as we share our thoughts on the latest features and functionalities.

How To Win Big During Pokemon Go’s Bidoof Event

A new event dropped today as part of Bidoof Day in Pokemon Go, and trainers everywhere are scrambling to catch the one and only beaver Pokemon! If you’ve logged into Pokemon Go and talked with Professor Willow today, you’ve been granted access to the special Bidoof event. During this event, you’ll have the ability to catch Bidoof in greater numbers, and the odds of encountering a...

Pokemon Go Kanto Event: Which Version Should You Choose?

Details of the Pokemon Go Kanto event are finally here - And it's time for you to make a choice. Will you go with Red or Green?

Lucky Pokémon Arrive in Pokémon GO

This year Niantic has really kicked the new content and events into overdrive, and this week they announced a new addition to the game. Lucky Pokémon is a new trait that Pokémon can randomly gain upon trade. The traded Pokémon will have a greater chance of acquiring the Lucky trait the longer the Pokémon has spends inside a Pokémon storage box.

Pokemon Go isn’t going anywhere

This past weekend weekend (July 6th to be exact), marked the 2 year anniversary of Pokémon GO, and the question always asked when discussing IVs and evolution tables out in public is 'Are there even still people playing that game?'

A Horde of Rumours: How Pokémon GO Has Brought Back Gaming Gossip

It’s no surprise that Pokémon GO has been responsible for a lot of trends over the past year; People are actually leaving their houses, for one thing. Pokémon has become more of a universal trend, as we now see grandmas playing the app with their grand kids. It has even spawned a bevy of internet memes and some questionable life choices. However, one trend that seems to have slipped by most ...

Pokémon GO to Japan and Get a Special Pokémon McFlurry

Don’t you just hate when companies spend years developing a product, only for it to not be localized for you to enjoy in your home territory? Yeah, me to. Take the new Pikachu edition McFlurry that goes on sale July 14. It’s such a shame that McDonald’s and the Pokémon company couldn’t craft a deal to make this a worldwide launch. Localization couldn’t be very hard fo...

Pokémon GO update 0.33.0 first impressions

Almost immediately after posting about the update that I couldn’t have, lo and behold as I opened up the app Store to see if I had any updates waiting for me, there it was. So far Pokémon GO update 0.33.0 isn’t exactly world changing; at least now I can put my phone into battery saver mode to save my precious battery life. Aside from that, stability seems to be the key improvement. It ...

Pokémon Go re-adds tracking, more…with a catch

Niantic has been listening it seems. Perhaps we haven’t given them enough credit when it comes to their baby and breadwinner Pokémon Go. In a new update that has rolled out to a subset of the community, Niantic has reintroduced an updated tracking feature. In the update, users cannot only see Pokémon whom are nearby and track them, it also shows which Pokéstop said Pokémon are close too as w...

Pokémon GO revenue has surpassed $200 million worldwide

According to Sensor Tower, Pokémon GO has managed to earn more that $200 million in worldwide revenue in the games first 32 days of availability. Incredibly, that figure was achieved even with the delay of the international rollout of the game to countries like the United Kingdom and Japan. Compared to the first month sales of recent mobile juggernauts Clash Royale and Candy Crush Soda Saga, Pokém...

Pokemon Go Is Now Available!

Pokemon Go for Android and iOS is finally here and has started rolling out in the United States, New Zealand and Australia. Other countries will be getting it soon!

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go was announced as an Android and iOS game. Developed by Nintendo and Niantic, the game allows players to explore the real world to catch virtual Pokémon.