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Nintendo Spotting: Antique Game and Watch

Infendo reader Marc Cote writes, “I saw this in an antique shop. Didn’t purchase it, but I did think of you guys.” Thanks, Marc.

Infendo Radio 548 – Mini-game and Question Block

Infendo Radio is a Nintendo podcast that records every Wednesday night at 9:00 EST. Be sure to join us live, and please subscribe to our YouTube Channel! You can subscribe to the produced show on iTunes and Google Play! iTunes Subscribe http://bit.ly/infendoitunes Google Play Subscribe http://bit.ly/InfendoGoogle We would love for your voice to be heard on the show even if you can’t join us li...

Infendo Radio 534 – Let’s Play a Game!

Welcome to Infendo Radio! This week, we have an all Bad Game Descriptions show!

Who Says the Switch Can’t Handle Overwatch? | First Impressions

Since the Nintendo Switch was codenamed project "NX", many of the Infendo crew have been screaming from our rooftop parties for a port of Overwatch to Nintendo's hybrid console. ...Ok, maybe it was only me that was screaming, but I was screaming really loud.

Infendo Radio 513 – You and Garth Brooks

Thanks for joining Infendo Radio! Looking sharp, you're dressed to impress today! This week, Steve schools us on the Nintendo Switch Lite, we play a round of 20 Questions, and talk about the games we have been playing in Change the System!

How To Make Breath of The Wild 2 The Best Game On Switch

Breath of The Wild 2 is still a long way away, but that doesn't mean we have to sit quietly and wait! Here are our ideas on how to make this Breath of The Wild a breath of fresh air on the Switch

Infendo Radio 504 – Get Ready For Bad Game Descriptions

Welcome to Infendo Radio 504! This week, Eugene returns after his short paternity leave to join Lukas and Steve. After a short news roundtable, we play Bad Game Descriptions and then answer your questions from the Question Block!

Infendo Radio 496 – Grinding in Games

This week on Infendo Radio 496, we have a good old fashioned Infendepate! This week, Eugene and Steve take on Justin and Bryan in discussion the pros and cons of grinding in games! After that, Eugene hosts a round of Nintentunes.

Infendo Radio 488 – Top 5 Video Game Towns!

Thank you for downloading Infendo Radio 488! This week we discuss our favorite video game towns in Infendo Top 5! Then, we answer your questions in the Question Block, and talk about the games we have been playing in Change the System!

Infendo Radio 486 – Our Favorite Video Game Music in Infendo Top 5

Welcome to Infendo Radio 486! This week , we have some breaking Nintendo Switch news before we have an Infendo Top 5 like no other! After that, Steve leads us in a round of 20 questions.

Manly And Girly Characters Should Be Celebrated, Not Rejected

Playing persona 4, my character opens a book to read. “The Man’s Series” is the book I’m currently working through in that game. Each time I read it, my Courage stat gets a boost, which will help me with interactions with other characters further down the road. The game gives these little book-reading segments flavour text, before rewarding you with your stat boost. In this...

Infendo Radio 481 – Weird Game Descriptions Returns!

This week we are one are one Steve short, but that doesn't stop us from having a great show! We discuss what game franchises would be a good fit for the Warriors (Musou) series, Eugene hosts a round of Weird Game Descriptions, and we have the longest Change the System in recent memory!