7-Eleven: Slurpees, stale hot dogs and … Wii!?

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About the only thing I like about 7-Eleven is their Slurpees, those frozen concoctions for which I have been known to travel many more miles than is sane or necessary to find on a road trip. Today that changed however, as one of our tipsters, evan, has delivered some interesting news about an upcoming contest from the house that Big Gulps built. The news? That from November through January 31, 2007 7-Eleven will be giving away 711 Wii consoles as instant win prizes.

“November 1, 2006 through January 31, 2007 the following Instant Prizes will be available to be won: (711) Nintendo Wii, ARV: $299.99 USD ($399.99 CDN) each; and (100) $60.00 USD ($70.00 CDN) Video Game Shopping Sprees awarded in the form of VISA® Gift Cards (subject to issuerÂ?s terms and conditions).”

The only thing I’m having a hard time with is that 7-Eleven is listing the retail value as $299, but the optimist in me believes this is because the system is $250 and comes with one game. The super-optimist in me believes it’s $200 and TWO games. Here’s hoping.

[Thanks, evan]

5 Responses to “7-Eleven: Slurpees, stale hot dogs and … Wii!?”

  1. Fuzz says:

    Seeing how everything at 7/11 goes for vastly inflated prices, this sounds about right. :) You can tell this is the case because they also chose to vastly inflate the Canadian price. It should come out to around $337, $350 TOPS. Not $399. Not in a million bajillion years. Thats right. Bajillion.

  2. Gaumer says:

    I’ll take the $10 bag of chips, the $8 Hostess cupcakes, the $5 Slim Jim and the $300 Wii. Thank you, come again.

    Bt even if it is right on the money (no pun intended) $300 isnt all that bad. With all the hype Wii has gotten you cant blamt Nintendo for making that the price, if that is the price. I’m still getting one on day 1.

  3. Shinn says:

    $399 Canadian? Well it’s better than the $659 PS3 (about $700 with tax.. and that’s just for the console)

    It may be a bundle, may include some VC downloads. Who knows?

  4. Mr. F says:

    Incentive to buy more Slurpee, mmm.

  5. El Hajjish says:

    Wow, talk about taking specualtion a little too far. Does anyone actually think 7-11 knows the price? I’m not even sure Nintendo does yet.

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