Monthly Archives: November 2006

Reggie, the Humble (sort of)

Every time Reggie sings, a Nintendo fanboy gets his wings. So, with that, today something like a thousand people are flying around the globe today clutching their Wii controllers in a fit of joy for this early holiday present: “Are

Nintendo covered its butt on those flying Wiimotes

Remember those flying remotes? Remember how everyone and their dog seems to be having “issues” with flying Wiimotes and broken wrist straps? Well everyone can stop faking it staging reporting their catastrophes because Nintendo saw it coming a mile away.

More mainstream praise for Wii

Some favorable Wii press (and criticisms) has recently hit the intertubes. First, USA Today hails Wii as the early launch winner over the PS3 saying Nintendo’s launch “has been probably a little better than expected and Sony’s has been a

The Nintendoptimist: Wii and exercise

Just a really quick thought that I had to get out there in light these types of stories: If, in one year’s time, the Wii has failed miserably because people find that it is too physically demanding a system to

Why motion sensing on other consoles won’t matter

Some day, in the not so distant future, there is a dark cloud hanging over Nintendo. It is the day that other major console players introduce a similar motion sensing technology to the Wiimote to the masses and ride the

Virtual Console demos, please

Ars Technica makes a good point today in their review of the Wii that I’m kidnapping and posting here on Infendo. Hey, I’m a frickin’ posting ninja after all — I’d be negligent NOT to do so. Anyway, another Virtual