Monthly Archives: November 2006

Nintendo says Wii on track to meet targets

Reuters reports: “Nintendo is on track to meet its target of selling 4 million units of its Wii game console globally by the end of the year, with the potential for exceeding that goal limited only by manufacturing constraints, Nintendo

Indication you like video games too much?

Funny, sad, and surprisingly open-minded hardcore gamer all wrapped in one. Indication you like video games too much? 🙂

The Nintendo family tree t-shirt

“Once upon a time, in a small Japanese village, the Nintendo Entertainment System was born. The rest, as they say, is history. Really, really fun history.”

Wii demand rises in Japan in wake of launch

I Suppose this is obvious to some, but the demand for Nintendo’s new console has risen considerably amongst the Japanese from this time last year. According to the Computer Entertainment Software Association and its annual study of Japanese game consumers,

Poll – Where do you live?

In a post-Wii-purchasing haze of confusion, I apparently forgot about the rest of the world. So this week, we ask: Which continent do you live on? Asia Africa Europe North America South America Australia Antarctica    Feel free to post

Can Nintendo make GoldenEye for VC a reality?

Is GoldenEye coming to a Virtual Console near you? Maybe. Maybe not. Reggie’s saying he’d like it to happen, but there are a few small hurdles to overcome first. Small hurdles like this software company in Redmond that makes extreme