Monthly Archives: October 2006

IGN says Nintendo has problems with Wii Sports

IGN suggests that Wii Sports (or most of its games) are weak sauce when played for extended periods of time. From the article: “Nintendo clearly has a lot of faith in Wii Sports… But I’m not so sure. In the

First third-party Wii nunchuck controller?

Warp Whistle is reporting sans source link to GoNext that the above image is the first third-party Wii nunchcuck controller, and it’s black to boot. Rather than analog, however, the unit features a d-pad to control. From the article: “Game

The Boston Globe looks at ‘hidden costs’ of HD

HD, according to companies like Sony, is going to feature heavily into this self-proclaimed next-generation of gaming. But is a new coat of paint on the same house really worth the true buy-in costs? Much has been said of console

Infendo Poll – non-traditional game controllers

Last week we asked which of Nintendo’s three pillars you owned. The results: It appears that the three pillars support Nintendo’s roof rather evenly (even if DS seems to be taking on some of its older brother GameBoy’s weight). With

Another "big secret" for Wii?

Let’s see: Take a forum poster, a GameStop manager, and add a hearsay comment (“Reggie announced their is still one more big secret left on the Wii”) and you have the newest Wii rumor. Keeping the above in mind, however,

Infendo’s intermittent flu and Nov 19 relaunch

Sorry about the hiccups over the weekend and early this morning, Infendoians. Blogger was sick (though we thought it might be Mr. Server). Everything should be up and running so let us know in the comments if you safely traversed