Monthly Archives: October 2006

Awesome Nintendo nerd anthem

And catchy to boot…

Happy Hallowiin!

Happy Halloween from your friends at Infendo! Did you carve a pumpkin or dress up Nintendo-style this year? [Wii-o-lantern photo by Ethan S. J. Smith]

Wii vs. GCN graphics

Some games make the case for significantly better graphics, some don’t. If that bothers you this go around, buy a 360 or PS3. Hit the source for more comparisons. [via Go Nintendo]

Wal-Mart gushes over Wii with 30-page buyer’s guide

Wal-Mart is all over the Wii today with a 30-page Wii Buyer’s Guide, complete with explainers, interviews, game profiles and ads for upcoming games. Said blogger biffsputnik: “The guide, brought to you by Wal-Mart and IGN, devotes several pages to

DVD playback. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

Let me preface this post by saying I am deeply sorry if you or your parents or loved ones do not yet own a DVD player. That said, get with the program and join the majority of the world in

Top 10 portable flops

Modojo explores the biggest portable flops in history and don’t do a very good job with it. From the article: “The Game Boy (and now, DS) brand seems to be unstoppable, even in the face of shinier, more advanced competition.